Global Cuisine Clues

Bento Box

Clue 1

First, you need to fill out the grid using all the clues from the "Rows" clue list. If you are stuck on specific clues you may reference the answer sheet for guidance.

Once the grid is filled in, draw boxes around the compartments you identified from the Compartment list.

Clue 2

Once you have boxes around the compartments, take a closer look at the "Compartments" list and notice that some are uniquely marked.

Shade in the marked compartments to reveal a common shape.

This shape is your answer to this puzzle.

Garam Masala

Clue 1

The images are simple objects which sound very similar to natural herbs.

You need to identify what each image represents.

Clue 2

The images represent words that are 1 letter off from known herbs and spices.

Identify the words, then identify the herb that's close in spelling.

Clue 3

Once you have the words representing each image, and you have identified the herb that is 1 letter off from that word, you will then need to identify the letter that was changed to convert the word in the picture to the herb.

This change is the key for the message below.
(I.E., if an A was changed to a B to convert the word in the picture to the herb you will replace all A's with B's in the message below)


Clue 1

Notice the wooden pattern on the tiles. These are actually scrabble tiles with their letters missing.

Use the numbers to help narrow down what letter each tile represents.

Clue 2

The symbols around the tiles surround matching letters.

I.E., all tiles with a neon green solid border will contain the same letters.

It may help to start with the less common letters (tiles with the largest numbers are worth the most points on a scrabble board because they are less common)


Clue 1

This is a simple logic grid. There is only one valid solution to this puzzle. Once you have identified the "marked" squares, look at the letters within them to put together a coded message.


Clue 1

Sudoku comes in many varieties. This is not your grandma's sudoku, it actually applies elements from 4 different types of sudoku into one puzzle.

Clue 2

The answers to each of the four previous puzzles are types of sudoku.

You will use the rules of that sudoku style for the line associated with it.

I.E., the Japanese flag is associated with the Bento Box puzzle. The answer to the Bento Box puzzle is a style of Sudoku. So the line that starts adjacent to the Japanese flag will follow the rules of "Arrow Sudoku".