You get a locked box,

no combination.

You receive a locked box filled with loot. Your task is to discover the combination through a series of puzzles, challenges, and travel!


Gather some friends and embark on a Lockbox Adventure where you will be required to solve a series of puzzles while traveling around your area to nearby places to find and unlock your puzzles.

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The Options

Lockbox Variations

Once obtained, you will be asked to solve a series of puzzles. Each correctly solved puzzle will reveal a destination or a digit to your lock. Each destination you reveal must be visited before your next puzzle will be revealed! Once you have visited all the locations and solved all the puzzles you will gain access to the contents of your box!Learn more about the three variations of lockbox adventures, and figure out which one is best for you. Better yet, try them all!


You’ll start at home with your box of loot (sealed with a combination lock). Using the internet, your knowledge, and skills of puzzle-solving, you'll be required to solve each puzzle to reveal the combination to the lock. You'll know you've solved the puzzles correctly when the box unlocks!


Box Details

What is a Lock Box Adventure?


Solve Fun and Challenging puzzles!

Complete a series of puzzles to reveal your destinations and the combination to your Lock Box. We recommend bringing friends because more minds are better than one when solving challenging puzzles!


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Get out of the house, and travel around your home town! A trip to places you may never visit, to see the area around you in a new light. You never know where your adventure will take you so share in the fun with others.

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**This does not apply to the Lockbox Tabletop offering




This is a treasure hunt where you're guaranteed to find loot! After all, you're carrying it with you! There's a chance the contents of your box will contain AWESOME rewards, like cash, valuable prizes, or even a Lock Box Major!


What People Say About Us

I found this experience to be very cool!

Awesome! So much fun to figure them out! Rewards were very cool!

This experience was absolutely worth it! We loved the fun gifts.

Lots of fun! This experience is also great for families!

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Each box contains a special token of our appreciation. This is a serialized coin signifying your completion of the box. Hold on to it, and be sure to follow us on social media as we may call on whoever holds the coin to claim other rewards in the future!

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