Global Cuisine Answers

Bento Box

The first step, is to fill in the grid of words based on the clues provided. Below is the grid of answers. The second word is highlighted in blue for clarity.

Bento Box puzzle answer 1

  Once you have the words, you must then identify the regions based on the clues provided there. (I.E. Notice the top rightmost region is the word "AMBIVALENTLY" which is the answer to the corresponding region clue.

Bento Box Puzzle answer 2

Once you have identified the regions, you may have noticed that some of the region clues stood out from the others. Filling in the regions for those clues would yield the image above. A clear "ARROW" picture. 

The answer to this puzzle is ARROW.


Garam Masala

Garam Masala is a multi-step puzzle. 

1. You must first identify the word represented by each image. (I.E., "HALT" is the answer to the first image.

2. Once you have the word, you must identify the herb/spice that is only 1 letter off from the word. (SALT) in this case.

3. Then, you must note the letter that was changed to get the herb/spice. In this case, the H changes to S (H -> S) to go from HALT to SALT

4. With this information, you have the key to unscrambling the message encoded at the bottom. Replace each letter with the letter from the key you created in steps 1-3

Garam Masala Puzzle answer

The answer to this puzzle, is THERMOMETER



This puzzle is a series of SCRABBLE style tiles with numbers on them. Using the numbering system from SCRABBLE, you can derive what the letters must be.

The color/shape of the border is similar for matching letters to aid in the discovery of new words.


Qvevri Puzzle Answer

The answer to this puzzle, is pretty straight-forward as the solution tells you directly... it's "PALINDROME"



This is a logic puzzle where each row, column and region have exactly 2 circles. Once solving it, you'll find that the available cookies spell out the message: 


Soetokies Puzzle Answer



This puzzle is a Sudoku style puzzle, but there are many types of Sudoku. The answers to the 4 previous puzzle were different styles of Sudoku. 

You needed to use the answer to those puzzles to identify what style of sudoku should be applied to the lines below.

The Japanese Bento Box puzzle as an example is "ARROW" sudoku, so for that line, you must use the rules of "ARROW Sudoku"

Tapas Puzzle Answers

Once the sudoku has been solved, copy the numbers to the grid on the right. Each colored (and numbered) region represents a letter.

Sum up the totals in each region from I to XVI. Then use the numeric alphabet to identify what each letter is.

I.E., A = 1 and Z = 26

Region XVI has a 7, 3 and 2. The total is 12 and the 12th letter of the alphabet is L.

The message, decoded is: 


The combination to the lock is the lengthss of each of those words: