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Great question! An adventure starts with your very own locked box arriving at your home. Once obtained, you will be asked to solve a series of puzzles. Each correctly solved puzzle will reveal a destination or a digit to your lock. Each destination you reveal must be visited before your next puzzle will be revealed! Once you have visited all the locations and solved all the puzzles you will gain access to the contents of your box!

This is much like a Lockbox Adventure for homebodies. It’s a great addition to game night or just a fun way to pass the time at home (or anywhere really). There’s no requirement to travel and you have all the clues you need from the start.

Well if we told you that it wouldn’t be much of a mystery would it? Just know, you can’t make any assumptions about what’s in the box. It’s not the same for everybody and some lucky folks will wind up with more than they bargained for!

You will be required to solve a wide variety of puzzles. Some require prior knowledge of history, geography or pop culture, while others are “enigmatic puzzles.” Enigmatic puzzles have no defined rules but you are (as part of the puzzle) supposed to figure out for yourself how its solved. We incorporate logic, knowledge or critical thinking in almost all of our puzzles.

Soon! We definitely love kids and want them to be a part of the adventure experience. We have some things in the works to get a family friendly adventure out, but don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us if you want one. It helps to prioritize our efforts if there’s a demand.

A Vault Adventure is a MUCH larger and more elaborate version of our Lock Box Adventure. With a Vault Adventure, we carefully create a full on adventure filled with required activities you must participate in before earning your numbers. You won’t be solving puzzles with these, but you’ll be required to step out of your comfort zone.

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