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Crooked Crab Event

Date: Aug 12, 2019 | Posted in
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First Ever Lockbox Event

At the end of July we hosted our first ever Lockbox event at the Crooked Crab brewery in Maryland. A huge thank you to the crew at the Crooked Crab for allowing us into their home to offer up this experience to the public.  

For the event we offered up a modified set of puzzles unique to the cooked crab and stumped quite a few of the regulars with puzzles that ultimately resolved to brews that are right on the menu!

Players came from near and far to check out the new game, joining in teams to solve the puzzles in competition for the fastest time. 

In the end only 1 team successfully opened the box without clues and they were forced to use a complex method of reverse engineering the meta key to solve the box as they could not solve all the puzzles. Props to them for thinking outside the box (pun intended).

For those who participated in the pilot the feedback was great and we thank you for it! We’ve been working diligently to restock our supplies and we’re also working on our first themed box which should be coming out as an offering at the same time as our “original” box.