Lockbox Variations


Gather some friends and embark on a Lockbox Adventure where you will be required to solve a series of puzzles while traveling around your area to nearby places to find and unlock your puzzles.

You’ll start at home with your box of loot (sealed with a combination lock) and a smart phone. Using your mobile device, you’ll be given a puzzle that must first be solved to reveal your first destination. Upon arriving at the correct location you will be delivered 2 more puzzles. One to reveal the next location, and one to reveal the first digit to your locked box.

Once you have visited each of 4 different locations and successfully completed each of the lock combinations puzzles you will be rewarded with entry into your locked box.

Prizes abound and you never know what you might get, some lucky adventurers will be rewarded with prize boxes worth much more than the cost!


Similar to the Lockbox Adventure, these tabletop versions of the game can be enjoyed at home (or anywhere really).

You will receive a box filled with loot and sealed with a combination lock. Accompanying your locked box will be a series of puzzles that must be solved. Each puzzle in the series will resolve to a single digit. Once you have correctly completed all the puzzles you will have revealed each of the 4 digits to the lock.

As we expand our offerings check back for themed boxes, new puzzles and new exciting experiences!

Each box contains a special token of our appreciation. This  is a serialized coin signifying your completion of the box. Hold on to it, and be sure to follow us on social media as we may call on whomever holds the coin to claim other rewards in the future!


A vault adventure is our high end luxury version of the Lockbox Adventure. This is a home security safe, filled with personally hand picked items especially for you. We hand craft 100% unique and custom activities sending you on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Each stop along the way you’ll participate in some fun activity or receive more exciting rewards until your final destination of the day where your adventure concludes and the prizes are revealed.

These adventures can currently be WON inside a Lockbox Tabletop or a Lockbox Adventure, but are not for sale individually.


How to go on a Vault Adventure


Be Selected at Random​

Periodically, all followers of Lock Box Adventures across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and members here on the site will be pooled together and one community member will be selected to participate in a Vault Adventure.

Random adventure winners may (although it is not guaranteed) receive a valuable clue as to the whereabouts of one of the hidden Lock Box Adventures. You should take care of this clue as duplicate clues will not be given, and you may want to work closely with other Lock Box Adventurers to share your clues and collectively unearth one of the hidden boxes.

Purchase an Adventure

Vault Adventures are NOT currently offered for sale. They are highly prized large adventures and would come at a price too high for a typical consumer and as such we are not actively marketing them for sale.

A few lucky participants may WIN, through the purchase of a Lock Box Adventure, one of the Vault Adventures. This the the only way one might “purchase” a Vault Adventure as they are not otherwise marketed for sale.

Find a Lock Box


We plan to hide some pretty sick boxes around with loot you’ll definitely want. Right now we’re focused on building out our core products but this is definitely going to happen.

Collectible Coins

Each box contains a uniquely numbered collectible coin! These coins are sequentially numbered starting at coin 0001 and they go up over time as more boxes are sold. Lower number coins can only be obtained by ordering closer to the release date of each box.

These coins give you the awesome power of being able to collect extra rewards later on! How? Well we will periodically call out specific coin versions and numbers. If you’re holding the coin called (and paying attention to our social media when it happens) you could win cool prizes later down the road!

Holders of lower coin numbers have a slight edge over higher numbers for being loyal fans, but everybody has a chance of getting cool stuff.

Below is a list of our past present and upcoming collectible coins and how to get them!


Original Box

This is our original coin. This is the basic coin which can be found in our current Lockbox Tabletop (Original) offering. Some holders of this coin might have obtained it via a promotional competitive event by visiting our booth and successfully completing our live competitive lockbox challenge!


Not yet revealed!

Our upcoming Lockbox Tabletop game will be uniquely themed. We’re confident you’re gonna love it, but it has not yet been revealed.